Anxiety and rage in 7 year old girl, resolved with homeopathy

It is possible for your child to be free of anxiety and panic attacks. Give homeopathy a try!

It’s amazing to see how quickly children suffering with anxiety and panic attacks can respond to homeopathy. My hope is that more parents become aware of homeopathy as a natural solution to treat these, and other mental and emotional health issues.

Emily 7 – Anxiety, Tantrums and Croup

At 7 years old Emily was the oldest of 3 (soon to be 4) children in her family. Emily’s parents brought her  to see me, as her anxiety level had been growing increasingly worse since the birth of their third child, now 18 months old.


Emily was quite a talkative young lady, very social and outgoing, and she loved to perform. She enjoyed being in the ‘limelight’, and was constantly seeking the attention of her parents, teachers, and friends. Emily had always been a lively girl, but after the birth of the families third child, she started having tremendous anxieties, with excessive worries about not being loved and appreciated.


The anxiety triggered constant crying fits, complaining, yelling, screaming with rage, throwing and hitting.  The behavior was also an issue when Emily was playing in a group of more than two children. She would cry and scream if she did not get what she wanted, as well as the attention she was craving. Of course, the more she cried and screamed, the more the other kids would avoid her company, and it’s became a vicious circle for Emily. Emily’s anxiety and angry outbursts was taking it’s toll, not only on Emily herself, but her siblings as well. Her parents at their wits end, and constantly worried about their daughters inability to respond to their daily reassurance, warmth, and love for her.


Emily had come down with croup once each year since she was a year old. The croup always starts at night while Emily is sleeping, and during the same month every year. I saw Emily in the spring, and the croup had always come in the late fall (at least up until now). Each time, Emily’s croup had been of such a severe nature that the parents decided to bring her to the Emergency Room for evaluation.


The remedy I prescribed for Emily covered her anxiety as well as her susceptibility for croup.


Homeopathy is a holistic form of medicine, one medicine is prescribed for the total symptom picture of the person, and not for the separate part, or diagnosis.


Emily was given one dose of the medicine, that was the best match for her, during the first consultation, and a second dose of the same remedy the following month when she saw me again. Emily responded beautifully to the first dose of the remedy. The parents called me two weeks following the appointment, and could report dramatic changes in Emily’s behavior, starting only a few days after she took the remedy. She was noticeably calmer and didn’t show signs of the previous jealousy, or out of control temper tantrums. There had been a couple of milder outbursts of angry fits, but they had passed quickly.  Emily continued to improved until she saw me again four weeks later. The anxiety, which in Emily’s case manifested itself in jealous behavior, and frequent angry fits of rage and tears, had calmed by 90%.


I did not see Emily for further appointments, but her mom called me the following January to tell me that Emily had be doing very well since the treatment, and that the croup had not returned the previous fall, for the first time in 6 years.

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