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Natural Treatment for OCD and Anxiety 

Homeopathy helps beyond temporarily managing and masking symptoms!

Online consultations available by Skype, Vsee or other video call

...Lone embodies everything that a practitioner should be: she is compassionate, she is intuitive, she is perceptive and profoundly knowledgeable of homeopathy. I trust her. My experience with her was amazing and I have recently decided to contact her for something that my daughter is going through. She is as skilled with children during a consult as she is with adults. Lone is truly a gem. A.B, Florida

Hi, I'm Lone Pedersen. I treat children, teens and adults who suffer with OCD and anxiety, using homeopathy. If you have reached a point where you know you need help for yourself or your child, and you want to use a gentle, natural, non-toxic, non-addictive and effective form of medicine, you've come to the right place!


I see people from all over the world via Skype, VSee, or other video call. With 15 years  working as a certified classical homeopath, I have extensive experience in treating children, teens and adults with a variety of health issues. I believe that real healing is not only the removal of symptoms, it is the removal of the cause of the symptoms.


Regardless of where the attention of your OCD and anxiety are focused, the story is the same. It is one of terrible distress. Lives of constant obsessive thoughts and behaviors, repetitive checking and re-checking, are exhausting and beyond logic.


I offer a gentle, natural and safe alternative to treating OCD and associated conditions, in children and adults alike. I don’t believe that OCD has to be a life long affliction. Typically I expect to see results within 2-3 sessions, sometimes less.

Associated condition: Anxiety, depression, ADHD, ODD, learning and behavioral problems


Effective, safe, gentle and non-invasive 

If you or your child are not flourishing in life like you want to, homeopathy can help you heal so you can get back to enjoying your life to the fullest. Homeopathy is a great option for anyone, whether you are currently taking conventional medications, and want to use homeopathy for further improvement. Homeopathy works brilliantly on it's own, and is an effective and natural alternative to people who are not able to tolerate SSRI's. Some experience uncomfortable side-effects on traditional medications, some just don't find any relief at all, or find that their OCD, anxiety, depression or other mental/emotional issue become worse. Other's simply prefer a natural approach to health care, and trust homeopathy to treat their condition without invasive therapies, or therapies that has the potential to cause harm.



Lone has been helping me heal from bad depression and anxiety left over from when I had my son. I have never tried homeopathic remedies before. She is so thorough and caring. She is dedicated to getting the correct remedy to make sure I am able to continue healing. I am getting better and better and am SO grateful to be working with Lone. I highly recommend!!

Lone is like no one out there. Her 360degree approach paired with her outstanding ability to listen deeply and empathize makes her an outstanding professional. She has been helping me with PPD and I can only thank her for her commitment to make me feel better. Thank you Lone! ******

Hi Lone. My son has been a new person since you helped him with his OCD and chronic migraines. It's been more than a year now, and his obsessive compulsive behaviors are gone, and he hasn't had a migraine since you treated him! It's amazing!

I can't believe the changes in how I feel. I now have the energy to take care of my daughter, to play with her...I have started going out more without feeling so scared. I have not had any more panic attacks...they used to be so bad and I never knew when they would come. Not feeling wiped out all the time is so incredible.

I enjoyed our consultation. Lone was very thorough & gentle with my fragile emotions. My remedies should arrive today or tomorrow. I am so excited to start my journey back to mental well being. xoxo

I work internationally by video call such as Skype, VSee and Messenger.


If you are experiencing symptoms that limits you from living your full potential, and you are seeking relief without the use of prescription drugs; consider scheduling a complimentary 15 minute consult with me to discuss options.


Comment on fb post from this particular patients mom: 'And so many other improvements as well! I could make a long list of improvements that I have seen with her. Thank you!' 

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Who contacts me and why?

  • Parents who wants a natural and effective approach to help with their young child or teenager's mental health issues.
  • Pregnant and postpartum women who wants natural, gentle, non-toxic, and effective relief from depression, anxiety, OCD (panic attacks, postpartum rage).
  • Anyone who do not wish to go the conventional route in treating OCD, anxiety, depression, and other mental health issue.
  • People who are having some success with prescription medications, but want greater improvement than what their currently experiencing.
  • Those who have tried everything from antidepressants, diet changes, supplements etc. with unsatisfactory results
  • Those who are unable to tolerate SSRI's, or wants to gradually wean off their medications.
  • People experiencing mild to severe side-effects from their antidepressant/anti-anxiety drugs
  • Anyone concerned with drug interaction if taking multiple medications
  • People who realize that their medications are simply managing and masking their symptoms without really addressing the root cause of their symptoms.
  • Anyone embracing the idea that treating the root cause of any illness is key to permanent recovery
  • Those who wants a natural, non-addictive, non-toxic, safe, gentle, good for your inner and outer environment, not tested on animals, effective, sustainable and green medicine.



Please know that you can start homeopathic treatment even if you are currently taking antidepressants or other prescription medications. Homeopathic remedies do not interact with antidepressants or anti-anxiety medications. Most clients who are on antidepressants when starting homeopathic treatment, find that as their health improves they are gradually able to reduce and stop these meds. Do not stop taking your prescription medications without consulting with your prescribing physician.

Face-to-face consultations offered via Skype or Vsee

Lone, you have been an amazing help (that is an understatement) for the past year. ...has been a huge milestone for me and it only became possible through your priceless effort to help me. The way you have engaged with my emotions and feelings while guiding me to reconnect with myself has been a one of kind experience. You are incredibly good at your work!

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