Natural and drug free for the baby blues

Natural and drug free with homeopathy 


Most women experience mood changes following the birth of their baby. As many as 80% of all women giving birth develop symptoms commonly referred to as “The Baby Blues”, while between 10-20% of women will experience a more serious and longer lasting depression (often accompanied by anxiety) – Postpartum Depression.

Baby Blues are thought to be associated with hormonal fluctuations occurring during and after pregnancy and birth, but tend to stabilize within a week to a few weeks after giving birth; being what is referred to as self-limiting.

Postpartum depression however lasts much longer and may require intervention in the form of counseling and/or medication to resolve over time.

Women who are looking for a natural, drug free approach to treating the baby blues and postpartum depression contact me, as they’re generally concerned about the side-effects of antidepressants for themselves and their nursing baby. Homeopathic remedies are both safe and effective for people of any age, including babies, pregnant and nursing women.

For a milder case of the baby blues you might want to use homeopathic remedies in addition to good self care during the first couple of weeks after giving birth. For longer lasting and more severe cases of depression it is necessary to consult with a professional homeopath and not attempt to self-prescribe. The homeopathic remedy that will work for you is carefully chosen by the homeopath based on your individual symptoms associated with your PPD. Your homeopath will monitor your progress, and adjust the potency and frequency of the prescribed homeopathic remedy.

Homeopathic Remedies for Baby Blues

In addition to getting as much rest as possible, eating healthfully, and talking to someone about your feelings, there are a number of homeopathic remedies that can be very effective in addressing the symptoms of baby blues. Some of the most commonly indicated homeopathic remedies are:



  • Suited to sensitive, weepy individuals who find the adjustment to motherhood challenging and at times very isolating.
  • Needing company to feel better they will want lots of help and support from family and friends.
  • They will likely have a strong bond with baby but be challenged and overwhelmed by the practicalities and emotional ups and downs of the postnatal period. They are very sensitive to hormonal changes in the body so there ups and downs will be quite marked.



  • Mother feels worn out , with too much too do and too little time to do it in, they become lethargic and in more severe case have difficulty bonding with baby.
  • They are exhausted, worn out and indifferent to life and to their families.
  • Sepia mothers at this time will iscolate themselves as conversation and sympathy is difficult they will prefer to be alone.


Nat Mur:

  • Is characterised by the suppression of her emotions – keeping strong and carrying on is what she projects outwards but internally she may feel deep sadness without knowing why.
  • Her sadness may be from a previous grief or be birth related but can also express her sensitivity to the hormonal changes taking place.
  • Nat mur may really suffer at this stage of motherhood if she is unable to talk about feelings of sadness as she will likely blame herself and feel guilty if she has any difficulty bonding with baby or is questioning her happiness and ability to cope.



  • Ignatia may be used by women who display emotional upsets and griefs after giving birth. She may feel tense and uptight.
  • Mother might have had very high expectations before the birth of the child, and is now experiencing grief and disappointment as the expectations were not met.
  • The grief can also be associated with baby being born with health problems causing stress and sadness.
  • They have sudden changes in mood; from tears to laughter, frequent sighing is often seen, defensive and sudden emotional outburst.


The homeopathic remedies mentioned here may be purchased from most natural food stores, as well as homeopathic pharmacies. For more information on pharmacies in the UK and U.S.

I suggest getting the 30c potency of the remedy. Do remember to take only one remedy at the time. If you are not seeing any changes after taking 3-4 doses of the remedy you chose you might need to look for one that is a better match to your symptoms. For questions on how to take the remedy feel free to send me an email (free of charge)

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