Homeopathic Remedies for Mastitis

Homeopathy for Mastitis

Are you suffering with the pain and discomfort of mastitis?

Homeopathic remedies will give fast relief to women with mastitis.

Arnica Inflammation that follows an injury to the breast, such as a blow. You feel sore, bruised and achy. Fear to have the part touched
Belladonna Sudden onset, often with rapidly rising fever. The breast is red and hot to touch, engorged, swollen and congested. Throbbing pain in the breast. The pain is worse from jarring. Often right side is worse than left.
Bryonia The breast feels hard and stony with stitching, needle-like pains. Often begins with chills and fever, stitching pains in the breast and headache. Slightest movement aggravates the pain. Person can be very irritable and feel dizzy and faint from when getting out of bed. Person is often very thirsty. Constipation is often seen with this remedy (dryness)
Croton Tiglium Excruciating pain in the nipple, extending straight through to the back (at the level of the shoulder blade) with each suck of the baby. The breasts are very inflamed, swollen, and hard. The nipples may crack.
Hepar Sulphur Recurrent mastitis and breasts prone to abscess. Extremely sensitive to the slightest touch, cannot tolerate the baby to nurse. Worse from cold and exposure to the least draft, and better from warmth. Generally feels chilly.
Lac Caninum Hypersensitive to slightest movement. Holding breasts firmly feels better. Slightest tough of even clothing or a jar aggravates. Alternating sides. May dry up milk
Mercurius Fever, chills, and perspiration without relief; a profuse sweat with a drop in fever; but no subsequent improvement; the person alternates between hot and cold, uncovering and covering.

Most common (50% of cases)

Breasts become lumpy, with hard knots or nodules, the nipples cake. Sore, fissured nipples. Intense pain in the breast as soon as the baby takes hold of the nipple. The pain often extends to the underarm or it can radiate over the whole body. Affects more often the right breast.

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