The Homeopathic Consultation

The aim of homeopathic treatment is to understand why you are experiencing your current and past health problems. To unravel the threads in your unique situation and to find the remedies that will create a steady and continuing improvement in your health.

During the first consultation with me, I set out to build a well rounded picture of you as an individual, including physical as well as mental and emotional symptoms. Homeopathy can only be effective when the treatment is tailored to fit the individual person’s unique symptom picture viewed as a whole.


The first appointment

This first appointment is from 1,5 - 2 hours long. We will go through your symptoms; when they started, and how you are experiencing them now. In addition, I will ask about various aspects of your emotional and physical make-up, your life style, as well as your medical history. In homeopathy we understand illness as a multi-dimensional phenomenon, brought on by an internal disturbance that manifests in each person in a unique and characteristic way.

These individual characteristics are the result of many different factors, including heredity, life experiences, life style and the kind of interventions you have had for your condition. The homeopathic consultation is a gentle, yet a thorough exploration of your physical and emotional make-up. Many people find this an empowering and beneficial experience. I aim to facilitate this exploration in a way that is sensitive to your needs as well as respecting your boundaries and wishes.

We will talk about your expectations from homeopathy and how we can work together in order to meet them.

Follow-up consultations

These appointments are usually spaced at intervals of 4 weeks and last 30 to 45 minutes. They are an essential part of the treatment process, and enables me to thoroughly evaluate your reaction to the remedy previously prescribed, and to adjust the treatment accordingly. Changes in your energy, as well as physical and emotional patterns will indicate how to continue the treatment at the pace most suited to your present health needs.

What to expect after taking the prescribed remedy?

The reaction to homeopathic remedies can differ from person to person. Some people experience a significant improvement in their symptoms and overall energy within a few days or weeks. For others, the improvement will be more gradual. Some people experience a brief intensification of some symptoms, which may last a few days, followed by a gradual and steady improvement.

How long will the treatment take?

The length of your treatment depends on a number of factors, such as the nature of your illness, how long you have had it, your response to remedies and your present life circumstances. Normally I recommend that people plan for a minimum of six months of treatment (between 4-8 appointments).