What can I help your teen son or daughter with?

OCD, Anxiety, Panic attacks

Depression, Grief, SAD, PTSD

ADHD, Learning and Behavioral Problems, ODD

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS/ME)




Homeopathy is a gentle, non-toxic and non-habit forming alternative to help your teen recover naturally.


I offer a gentle, natural, and safe alternative to treating OCD, anxiety, and associated conditions in teens. I don’t believe that OCD has to be a life long affliction. In fact, OCD can become more severe over time if it's not nipped in the bud as early on as possible. The earlier we are able to intervene, the faster your teen is able to improve and heal. Typically, I expect to see very good results within 2-3 sessions, sometimes less.

Associated condition: Anxiety, depression, ADHD, ODD, learning and behavioral problems


When your teenager is struggling with one or more mental, emotional or physical health problems, it's good to know that there is a natural and effective choice of treatment that can help your child feel better quickly and safely.

Todays teenagers face so many pressures and demands in their day to day lives, it's no wonder that the number of teens who struggle with depression, anxiety and other mental and emotional problems is on the rise.

On the rise is also the use of antidepressants, anti-anxiety meds, and mood stabilizers, in teens. The parents who contact me for help want an alternative approach to treatment; one that cause no harm, has no side-effects or risk of dependency for their teen. But most important, they want their child to get well and need treatment that works, while being gentle and natural.

As a mom of three grown children, I have been through all the joys and challenges that comes with being a parent. When your child meets with me, know that they are going to be in a safe and judgement free place. I will always meet your child with compassion and care.


Thank you for helping our son recover from his depression and cystic acne. He had been isolating himself from his friends for much of his first two years of high school, and we as his parents have been so deeply worried and feeling helpless in what to do about a bad situation. After homeopathic treatment his self-esteem has improved so much, along with his acne. He is a different kid now, with a 'normal' and busy social life. The dark and negative outlook and isolation has completely gone. 

Our daughter can finally feel confident about moving away to college in the fall thanks to your help. The anxiety that she has been dealing with since early childhood has totally vanished since her few months of treatment. It's really remarkable the difference in her. We are so grateful to you, and happy for her, that she can now pursue her dream without her daily struggle with severe anxiety and repeated nightmares.

Lone's treatment for our son calmed his angry and aggressive behavior significantly in a matter of days. At 14, his behavior and inability to focus well, was not only a strain on family life at home, but affected his school work and ability to make friends. After 8 months of treatment and 4 doses of the remedy, he is doing much better in school, has made new friends, and we can enjoy each others company at home now. Homeopathy has made such a huge difference for our family! Still a ways to go, but 80% improvement overall so far. 

What is the consultation like and what happens after?

  • When you have scheduled your appointment with me, I'll send you a short intake form to fill out and return to me within 24 hours of the consultation. The intake form includes the reason why you are seeking help for your teen, as well as some general health history information, such as past health problems, medications, hospitalizations etc., if applicable.


  • The first consultation is between 1,5 - 2 hours long. I spend the majority of the time talking with your son or daughter one-on-one, but also like to spend some time with one, or both of the parents. If it seems important to the case, I will ask the mom questions about the pregnancy, birth, any circumstances surrounding this time that may be important for me to know about.


  • The homeopathic consultation leaves plenty of space for your teen to talk freely about their concerns. My job is to listen intently to what they are telling me, and to ask the questions I need to arrive at the prescription that will be helpful to them.


  • Homeopathy prescribe the medicine according to each individual, their specific symptoms, thoughts, feelings, hopes, dreams, fears, food likes and dislikes, sleep pattern, health history etc; everything that is unique and individual to them. I am interested in who they are, and do not prescribe a medicine based on a diagnostic label. Depression and anxiety takes many forms, and is expressed completely differently from person to person This means that of 10 kids coming to see me for depression, it's very likely they will be prescribed 10 different homeopathic medicines.


  • After we conclude the consultation, I generally need to spend some time reviewing the case, before I decide on the remedy that is going to be tailored to your child. It may take a few hours before I get back to you with the prescription, or it may take me a couple of days to finalize my analysis.


  • Once the correct remedy is established, I will e-mail you the prescription, where to purchase it in your area (country), how to, and how often to take the remedy, as well as a suggested time for the follow-up appointment. How soon the follow-up appointment needs to be scheduled depends on what is going on with your teens health. In cases of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS/ME) cases that I frequently treat in my practice, I may need to see you child weekly or bi-monthly for the first few consultations. In most other cases, follow-up appointments are scheduled 3-4 weeks apart for the first 2-3 appointments. After this, if needed, every 6 weeks to 2 month intervals. When your child's health has stabilized, I generally recommend checking in with me every 4-6 months or so, until no further treatment (remedies) is needed.


When working with you and your child, I am always fully committed to be a continuous support through the healing process. With commitment to work together as a team, with consistency in follow-ups and adjusting the treatment plan and remedies when needed, wonderful results happen.