Freedom from OCD with homeopathy

Homeopathy has a long and impressive history of treating mental and emotional  disorders naturally and effectively. Homeopathic treatment address the root cause and the person’s individual symptoms and susceptibility.


In addition to treating the symptoms of OCD,  homeopathy takes a whole person approach, and will include other symptom(s) the child (or adult) may have in the same treatment plan. OCD is often associated with anxiety, depression, or other mental and emotional issues, any and all symptoms will be of importance to the homeopath when choosing the remedy.


Getting to know your child

Homeopathy takes a holistic approach to health care; treating the root cause and the person as a whole, rather than separate diagnostic labels. This means that one single homeopathic medicine is given to help heal the symptoms of OCD, anxiety and depression, simultaneously, restoring health and balance to the whole system. During the first interview with the parent and the child (depending on the child’s age), I ask a number of questions to learn as much about your child as possible; including family and general health history. You and your child are given plenty of time and space to freely talk about all that is on your mind relating to the symptoms your child has, including any triggers (if known). Based on all the information I gather during the consultation, I choose the best matching homeopathic medicine to assist in your child’s recovery.


Stimulating our brilliant body’s own healing abilities

Homeopathy works by stimulating the body’s own ability for self-healing when given the medicine tailored specifically to the individual child. I really urge you to give homeopathy a try for your child. OCD it is generally easy to treat with homeopathy, often leading to permanent recovery and liberating your child from the grip of obsessive thoughts and compulsions.

OCD frequently rears it’s ugly head in early childhood, and is seen more often in boys than girls. Less than 10% of those suffering with OCD seek treatment, and continue to struggle with the debilitating symptoms as they reach adolescence and adulthood.

Conventional treatment options are quite limited for sufferers of OCD, and often include medications that can come with bothersome side-effects. Why not try homeopathy first? A natural, gentle, safe and toxic-free alternative that does not cause side-effects.


Does my child have OCD?

You might know the answer to this already. For those who are unsure, please have a look at some of the commonly seen symptoms and behaviors of OCD.


OCD symptoms commonly include:

  • obsessive thinking, also called “ruminating”: this usually involves having repeated thoughts and urges that are very hard to stop or ignore
  • a loss of control over behaviors and thoughts, especially in unfamiliar situations
  • extreme anxiety when rituals/compulsions are not performed or are interfered with
  • having repeated mental images that cause anxiety
  • irrational fears about germs, illnesses and contamination
  • feelings of aggression, fear and loss of control
  • strong aversions or feelings against “taboos” like sex, religion, violence
  • needing to have things in a certain order, place, pattern or quantity
  • the drive for excessive cleaning and/or handwashing
  • needing to repeatedly keep checking on anything that seems threatening (for example, if things are unplugged, locked or clean)


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