When deep healing happens with homeopathy – from anxiety and ocd, to eczema and allergies

Comment from this particular patients mom: And so many other improvements as well! I could make a long list of improvements that I have seen with her. Thank you! 


Many of the patients I see come with a multitude of health issues. Homeopathy does not dissect symptoms and diagnosis into separate entities as if unrelated to one another, when treating the person who is sick.


As a homeopath I understand that all the symptoms the person is having are connected through the different body systems. Our body systems; nervous system, endocrine, circulatory, digestive, muscular, immune system etc. are all interconnected. One system does not operate independently from another.


This is why homeopathy treats the person with the disease, and not the disease (diagnosis) itself. When we’re able to map out all the symptoms, mental, emotional and physical, and prescribe a homeopathic remedy that matches the whole picture; that is everything that is going on with the person, on every level, and across all body systems; this is when we can address healing and re-establish balance on a very deep level.


When approaching medicine and healing in this way, it is personalized to the individual patient. We all have different compositions of symptoms, depending on our genetic susceptibility, coupled with lifestyle, our unique life experiences, different exposures to various environmental toxins, medications we have, or are currently taking. All these details in a persons life and health history is important when choosing what homeopathic remedy will make a big difference in your, or your child’s healing.


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