I have OCD, check the oven 10 times


This single mom of 2 children comes to see me for OCD and anxiety. She has been taking anti-anxiety medication for the past two years, but recently decided to stop the medications.


Anxiety sets in when taking medication. I don’t want to go blind or die from the side-effects. It worries me. Makes my heart race. It’s my only weakness, I despise it. If I fix my anxiety my blood pressure will go down.


She wants a natural approach to deal with her OCD and anxiety, which centers around her health and her business.


What are the main concerns in this case?

  • Worry that something will happen to her, and the children will be without a parent.
  • Worry that she will have a heart attack and die
  • Feels like she has to be in control of everything and everyone and at all times, or something bad will happen
  • Checking and re-checking if oven is turned off every time she leaves the house, 5-6 times each day.
  • Checking on the kids excessively during the day (ages 15 and 18). Drives the kids to school and waits until she sees they are inside. Feels as if she has to be overprotective of the kids
  • Constant feeling of hurriedness in everything she does. Feeling out of control.
  • Self-employed with tremendous anxiety about finances and failure


Everything is fast. I do things fast. Have a lot on my plate. It’s an adrenaline thing. I get caught up in myself. Not enough hours in the day.



Every OCD and anxiety case I see is different from the next. People have different stories, behaviors, experiences, different symptoms and expressions. Getting to know and understand the details in each case is key to individualizing the homeopathic prescription. Homeopathy is not a ‘one size fits all’ medicine, but always personalized to each individual and their particular symptoms.


The homeopathic remedy prescribed in the case above resolved the anxiety and OCD over a period of 5 months, with a gradual reduction in symptoms with each follow-up appointment. I had 4 appointments total with this client, with 3 doses of the remedy needed during the course of the 5 months.


Following the 5th and final appointment, the patient felt well enough to stop any further treatment. She continues to do well 2 years later.


I feel calmer than I have ever felt. I don’t need to be on top of everything and everyone, and have control like I used to feel. The stress level and hurriedness…used to feel sooo crazy and frenzied, totally gone… I can focus better and let things happen… I can’t even remember last time I thought about checking the oven…


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