OCD and Anxiety – Homeopathy healing constant intrusive thoughts

“My constant anxiety makes me feel inadequate as a mom”.

Sue; a first time mom of a 14 month old boy contacted me for help with intrusive and obsessive thoughts. The constant thoughts were not only severely limiting her in her ability to function in her daily life, but were causing her to feel unable to bond with her precious little boy.


Sue’s intrusive and obsessive thoughts were exclusively centered around her child’s health, and her conviction that something was seriously wrong with him. Although no one else; including the child’s pediatrician, her husband, extended family, and friends, could not find, or see, anything wrong with the child’s health; mom could not think, talk, or focus on anything else, but the fear that her son was seriously ill, and that she would eventually lose him.


I see things differently than others, subtle things that only a mom would notice. I see things that are weird, I’m convinced something is wrong with him. I can’t get these thoughts out of my head…not a single second of not being paranoid…thoughts are constantly overlapping…


Sue is completely exhausted from worry. She is severely sleep deprived, and is crying and sobbing throughout the consultation with me. There is so much anxiety and grief.


I talk about my worries all the time. I wake and get up at 4am every night to research symptoms that I’m convinced my son has. I google everything I imagine is wrong with him…and they scare you you know…they scare you…

I had constant thoughts of something being wrong with my baby before he was even born. I cried throughout the pregnancy…feeling so guilty…feeling like I should’t have him since he was going to be sick…my fault…couldn’t bond with him at all. He does not look me in the eyes. Looks at everyone else, but not me. He looks away…staring at something else even while nursing…better off if I’m not here…


Sue had been seeing a mental health counselor for the past 6 months before contacting me. She felt that counseling was helpful in that she had someone to confide in, but the obsessive thoughts were still as strong as when she started counseling. I did urge Sue to continue with the counseling as she began homeopathic treatment.


In my practice, I see quite a few women suffering with postpartum depression, anxiety, ocd, and postpartum rage. Every one of these women has her unique symptoms and story of what is causing her distress.


Getting to know and understand the details in each case is key to individualizing the homeopathic prescription. Homeopathy is not a ‘one size fits all’ medicine, but always personalized to each individual and their particular symptoms; both emotional and physical.



Over the next 8 months I met with Sue during 6 consultations. The first homeopathic medicine I prescribed, helped Sue sleep through the night, a huge milestone for her. She no longer woke up at 4am to research symptoms. During the 4 weeks following the first prescription, the constant worry about there being something wrong with her baby’s health had subsided about 50%. She had more energy and found herself able to think and talk about other things during her day.  Her husband commented on the significant changes; where before Sue was often crying and talking non-stop about her worries, from the moment he came home from work, and all evening long. Husband and wife could now have conversations about other things, and enjoy their time together in a way they hadn’t been able to for quite a while.


Most importantly; Sue was feeling more bonded with her son. When she first started seeing me, she shared that she did not even see her baby as a person, she could not allow herself to feel close to him, from fear of losing him.


I feel more calm, more at peace, and a sense that we’re ok…that my baby will be ok. I don’t think of him being sick, I don’t know where it all came from. I do worry from time to time, but it’s so much less, like 80% less. I can rest, I can play with him and take him out to be with other children, and see other moms. I was just too tired and exhausted to leave the house much before. We’re all so much happier. I can look at my son now, and he looks right back at me.


After 8 months and 6 single doses of the homeopathic remedy individually chosen for Sue, she felt well enough to stop treatment. 


All consultations with Sue were done online by video call. Online appointments are available regardless of your location.


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OCD and anxiety – a gentle approach to healing with homeopathy