Homeopathy for teething babies

A teething baby can be a very miserable and uncomfortable baby.

Being the parent of a teething baby can be exhausting and a cause for worry and concern.



Homeopathy can give much needed relief to baby and parent, without the need to reach for medicines with potentially harmful side effects.


Symptoms of Teething

Symptoms of teething can include red swollen cheeks and gums, increased drooling, biting, refusing to eat, irritability, crying and sleeplessness. Prolonged stress of teething may lower resistance to infection and there may be other signs that the baby is struggling with constant runny noses, colds that won’t go or just knowing your baby is out of sorts.

Symptoms associated with teething:

  1. Excessive drooling
  2. Chewing
  3. Appetite loss
  4. Behavioural changes
  5. Fever
  6. Diarrhea


Homeopathic remedies for teething:

Chamomille Baby is very irritable and wants to be carried (want to be carried fast). Baby want something one minute, throwing it away the next minute. Chamomille is the most common homeopathic medicine used for teething. Baby is inconsolable, angry and screaming. Stops crying only when carried, rocked or when riding in the car or stroller. (it is the passive movement that relieves the pain. In the teething baby needing Chamomille there is often greenish diarrhea (often smelling like rotten eggs) and/or earache.
Belladonna Intense inflammation and gum pain, with flushing (redness) of the face and a feeling of heat, often indicate a need for this remedy. Face and eyes red with dilated pupils and hot head. The baby is restless, easily startled, and may tend to cry out during sleep. Teething often accompanied by fever with much heat and dilated pupils.
Calceria Carbonica If teething is late to begin, then slow and difficult, this remedy can be helpful. The baby may seem sad or anxious with the pain, making chewing motions and pressing his gums together, often even while sleeping. Babies who need this remedy are usually chubby, slow to learn to crawl or walk, and their heads often sweat during naps or sleep at night.
Calceria Phosphoricum Calcerea phos is given to babies with slow and difficult dentition. It covers all complaints during dentition where teeth develop slowly. The baby is irritable and whiny. It is suited for baby who is thin and pale.
Mercurius Sol This remedy may be of help in cases where teething is accompanied by excessive salivation and drooling. In addition, the gums are likely to be red and sore, and the child may have diarrhea with a foul smell to it.
Pulsatilla A clingy “velcro baby” and tearful baby, wants to be held and comforted all the time. It is not angry like Chamomille, rather whiny and extremely clingy wanting to be picked up and held. Pain is relieved by sucking a cold teething ring or when taken outside in cool, fresh air.


Podophyllum is also a commonly used remedy for teething which is accompanied by diarrhea.  This is the type that explodes all over the toilet bowl, or perhaps the diaper, depending on the age of the child.  You will also find they grind their teeth at night in response to the dentition and his or her head will be hot with perspiration. The rest of the body may be chilly.


There should be no reason to use the dangerous drugs containing Benzocaine or Tylenol to help your child get through this difficult time.  Keep your child safe and happy with homeopathic remedies to help with teething.

The right remedy gives baby relief from pain, eases the process of the teeth emerging, and often eases other systemic effects of teething such as constipation and earaches and excoriated bottoms.

You should give the medicine that most closely matches your baby`s symptoms. You can crush the pellets or dissolve them in some water. In severe pain give the baby 3-5 pellets, 3-4 times daily until symptoms stop. If no improvement is seen after 2-3 doses of the chosen remedy, look at a different remedy that might be a better match.


I recommend having a home remedy kit on hand to treat minor ailments as they arise. Several homeopathic pharmacies have home remedy kits available for sale. You can also get single remedies at most health food stores and build your own homeopathic “home pharmacy” this way.


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