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Anxiety, panic attacks and OCD relieved with homeopathy

I have to be perfect!

Kristin is a young woman of 26 who has been in the same relationship for four years, and lived together with her partner for the past two. Kristin was referred to me by a former patient who I had seen some years ago for depression.

Kristin has struggled with anxiety, anxiety attacks and OCD for several years and wanted a natural and holistic approach to her recovery. The anxiety centered around the idea of having to be perfect in all areas of her life; the perfect girlfriend, the perfect daughter, perfect in her career… Kristin constantly worried about being abandoned and alone if others see her “imperfections and flaws”, causing an enormous amount of stress. She checks and re-checks that the light and stove top is turned off, front and back door locks, repeating 4 times, each and every time she leaves the house, and before she goes to bed.

Loss and grief

Kristin tells me about the loss of a close relative, a child, 8 years ago. It becomes clear during our conversation that the anxiety, anxiety attacks and OCD all began following this traumatic experience. The death of the child was sudden and unexpected, and left Kristin in shock and deep grief. She has since had tremendous anxiety about other family members dying.

When Kristin is experiencing anxiety she takes to tears quite quickly. She described herself has a very emotional person, who’s mood frequently fluctuates between highs and lows. She is quick to anger and quick to tears. Kristin needs to portray an image of perfection, someone who’s got it all together, so she does her best to hide and suppress her emotions. She believes that if others see her tears or anger, they will not want to have anything to do with her and will leave. Unable to hide her emotions from her boyfriend, there is constant worry about him leaving her, worrying that she isn’t the perfect girlfriend that he wants.



Kristin has an ache in her throat that she describes as a ball. It feels like a round ball is stuck in there and cause her to want to swallow to relieve the ache. Tracing back during our conversation, like the anxiety, this ball sensation in the throat came about the time of the young relatives sudden death.



I prescribed a homeopathic remedy for Kristin to take twice in 24 hours, as well as additional doses to take as needed when she was feeling the anxiety coming on. I schedule most patients follow-up appointments about 4 weeks out following the first consultation, but encouraged Kristin to get in touch if need be before the next appointment. We ended up not talking until the follow-up appointment 6 weeks later (Kristin had to postpone due to family circumstances).

The follow-up appointment was quite amazing when Kristin could report not having had a single anxiety attack after taking the two doses of the remedy within a 24 hour period. She had not taken any of the additional doses of the remedy during the six weeks since we last spoke, and was feeling very happy and excited about the progress. The OCD had reduced with about 50%. Kristin was still checking the door locks before going to bed at night, but admitted that she frequently “forgot to”.

If you want to know more about homeopathic treatment for depression, anxiety, panic attacks, OCD and ADHD,  you are  welcome to book a free 15 minute online consult. – Homeopath Lone Pedersen DCH, MNHL 


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