Are you feeling defeated and out of options?

Have you tried conventional medications for your depression and anxiety without the results you were hoping for, and now feel like you’ve hit a brick wall? I would like to invite you to consider homeopathy. Homeopathy is tremendously effective in the treatment of mental and emotional disorders – depression, anxiety, postpartum depression, OCD, bipolar, PTSD, ADHD and more. Not only does homeopathy work well in removing the symptoms over time, it does so without chemicals and potentially dangerous side effects often associated with antidepressants. Homeopathy treats the root cause of your depression, leaving you balanced, healthy and happy, and in most cases without any further need for medications.


Homeopathy is for everyone

The beauty of homeopathy is that it is available to use for anyone regardless of age. This includes pregnant and nursing women, who are dealing with pre- and postnatal depression and anxiety. Homeopathic medicines are made from natural sources and rendered completely non-toxic during the manufacturing process. Gentle, safe, effective and holistic are key words describing this medical model. You may not know this, but homeopathy is the second most used medical therapy in the world today, according the the WHO (World Health Organization).


…but will it work for me?

Homeopathy is prescribed for each person based on your unique and individual symptoms. It is not a one size fits all medical therapy, but finely tuned to cover your unique experience of your illness, your health history and genetic sensitivities and predispositions.


Examples of some of my recent cases of depression and anxiety treated with homeopathy:

  • Man 56 with depression: remedy: Aurum met.
  • Woman 32 with postpartum depression: remedy: Sepia
  • Woman 28 with depression: remedy: Calcarea sil.
  • Boy 8 with anxiety: remedy: Argentum. nit.
  • Girl 13 with anxiety and grief: Ignatia
  • Man 42 with depression and PTSD: remedy: Hyoscyomus
  • Woman 34 with postpartum depression: Phosphoric acid
  • Woman 27 with depression: remedy: Natrum mur.


As you can see, all these patients received different homeopathic medicines based on their personality, individual symptoms and how they experienced their depression/anxiety. The experience will vary tremendously from person to person and the choice of medicine must reflect this individuality.


Which homeopathic medicine that will be helpful to you is determined through the interview process, when all the details about your case is taken and the remedy prescribed . The first interview/consultation lasts for an hour to an hour and a half. The follow-up consultations are 30-45 minutes long and are spread about 4-6 weeks apart. How long it takes for a complete recover varies depending on each case, but as a general rule it really is beneficial to commit to homeopathic treatment for a period of 4 months to a year. This means you will see me for a total of 4-10 consultations, depending on the time needed to recover.


You are welcome to contact me if you have further questions. I have 15 minute free consultations available for anyone who want to find out if homeopathy is going to be a good fit for them or their child. Feel welcome to get in touch here or schedule here

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If you or a family member is suffering from depression, anxiety, OCD, AHD, or any other mental/emotional health problem, then please get in touch, or make an appointment. I see all my patients via face to face via Skype or VSee consultations. Regardless of where you live, you can reserve an appointment for yourself or your child using my online booking calendar (for very young children, or if your child is uncomfortable speaking with me themselves, the consultation will take place between me and the parent(s).


A free 15 minute discovery consultation is available if you would like to meet with me briefly to find out if homeopathy is the right choice for you. If you choose to book a 15 minute appointment, keep in mind that this is completely free and involves no obligation to book a full appointment.


I look forward too meeting with you!


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