Being a mom is full of ups and downs.

Motherhood comes with a mixed bag of emotions; from the deepest love and joy to despair and tears…and everything in between. As moms we become masters of juggling a million tasks each and every day. The massive amount of chores, the constant nurturing and caring, as well as the great responsibility that comes with being a mom can become too overwhelming at times, leaving us feeling stressed out and overworked.

These are some concerns women talk about when they come to see me:

  • I feel depressed and anxious, like a dark cloud over my head
  • I want to pull the covers over my head and stay in bed for a week
  • I am so exhausted, I don’t know what to do
  • I scream at my husband and feel horrible afterwards
  • I constantly yell at the kids, I feel out of control
  • I love my kids but some days I want to run away and never return
  • I miss my old life before kids, I feel I have lost myself and it feels suffocating
  • I cry all the time, the house is a mess, I can’t seem to get it together
  • I have constant headaches
  • I hate that I overeat when stressed
  • I have no energy left after the kids are in bed
  • I am so tired, but still unable to sleep


As mothers we often put our families needs first, and neglect our own needs. Remember to put on the proverbial oxygen mask! Start taking care of you’re mental, emotional and physical health today, and consider choosing a natural alternative that is effective and free of any side-effects! 


A case of stress and depression helped with homeopathy:

Christine is a woman in her early 40’s who came to see me for stress and depression. Christine describes herself as a very caring and nurturing mom of three. She also holds a full time office job. She is a single mother who often feels she has to overcompensate as a parent since her divorce 5 years ago. “I am constantly needed, whether I’m at home or in the office”. “I have to take care of everyone else all of the time”. “There is never any time left for me to recharge, and now I feel so depleted and depressed”.

Christine feels feels exhausted and weak most of the time. She also experiences a tremendous restlessness, a state of being constantly overexcited with an inability to relax. “If I allow myself to relax, I have this feeling something really bad is going to happen…”. “I have a fear of being alone since the divorce, and feel I have to give my all to everyone so they’ll continue to like me…it is wiping me out”.

In addition to how Christine feels emotionally, she also had some physical symptoms that she wanted to address. Based on the totality of all Christine’s symptoms she was given the homeopathic remedy Phosphorus.

Over the course of a few months and 5 consultations with me, Christine felt much better both emotionally and physically. She was gradually able to make herself more of a priority and ask for help from her children, family and friends. “I am able to ask for help now without being afraid of what will happen to me if I am not available to  care for everyone all the time”. “I feel more rested, full of energy and happier than in a long time”.


The homeopathic remedies act as a catalyst for healing and re-balancing your whole system. With homeopathic treatment you can expect to enjoy a lift in your moods, greater clarity of mind, better sleep, an increase in energy and vitality, to name but a few positive outcomes!

You can book a 15 minute free, no obligation consultation with me to find out how homeopathy can help you recover from feeling stressed, overwhelmed and exhausted.

Your Online Homeopath, Lone Pedersen DCH, MNHL


Recovering from Postpartum Depression and Anxiety