Homeopathy for Summer Camp

Homeopathic Remedies for Your Childs Summer Camp


Pulsatilla – Feeling lonely and weepy. Cry easily and want comfort, company, consolation. They seek reassurance.

Calcarea carbonica – Can feel very anxious and fearful. Fear that something bad will happen to them or to family at home, while they are away. Very routine oriented and insecure when away from their everyday routine and safety of home.

Calcarea phosphorica – Very fond of traveling, but can miss their loved ones tremendously while away. Wants to go home and irritable.


Accidents and Injuries 

Arnica – Injuries causing bruising and sore pain. Injuries and accidents causing shock (also think of Aconite for shock).

Calendula – for cuts and abrasions to prevent infection of the wound.

Hypericum – for injuries to areas rich in nerves such as, fingers, toes and tailbone. Shooting nerve pain.


Strains and Sprains

Ruta – Injuries of tendons, ligaments and bones, close to surface areas with little flesh. Think shins, elbows etc.

Rhus-tox – For pulled muscles after arnica has been given. The injured area may feel cold to touch. Feel better with cold application (ice). Injury feels worse when starting to move, and better with continued movement.

Ledum – Puncture wound injuries.


Sunburn and Dehydration

Belladonna – Sunburn with heat, redness, pulsating, throbbing pain.

Apis – Sunburn with stinging, pricking, itchy pain and swelling.

Cantharis – Burning pain, with or without blisters forming.

China officinalis – First remedy to think of in dehydration.

Urtica Urens cream for topical use

Seek immediate emergency care in sun stroke – homeopathic Glonoinum may be given while waiting for help to arrive.


Tick and Insect Bites

Ledum – First remedy for tick bites. Insect bites with puncture wounds (bees, wasps). May be taken before going out to prevent or lessen mosquito bites.

Remove tick and save for testing.

Apis – Stings with red, swollen, burning area. Can feel stinging, pricking, with intolerable itching.

Arnica – Swollen, hot, hard and shiny area.

Hypericum – Area of sting is very sore.


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