Sudden death and mending a broken heart

The Shock and Trauma of Sudden Death

When the death of a loved one happens suddenly, it hits us like a shock, and inflicts trauma to our whole system; mind and body.

Being a witness to an accident, a natural disaster, or a violent act, can have the same shocking impact and cause long term trauma.


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Carols sudden loss:

After reading my blog on grief and bereavement, Carol booked in to see me for her ‘broken heart’.

Carol is in her early 40’s and has two children, ages 8 and 12. She met her husband 15 years ago while training for a marathon. They shared the passion for running up until that horrid day when, as Carol puts it; “my life came to a screeching halt”, and “my heart broke into a million pieces”.

Carols husband Steve, left the house for a run on the nearby beach an early spring afternoon two years ago now. He shouted a “see you in a few”, from the hallway as he closed the front door behind him. This was the last time Carol ever heard her husbands voice.

Steve’s afternoon run usually lasted 45 min. to an hour before dinner. When Steve hadn’t returned by 6pm Carol began wondering, but more like fleeting thoughts than any real worry. She was busy prepping dinner for the family and getting the kids ready for homework, after having picked them up from after school sports activities.

Carol’s phone rang just before 6:30pm. It was a friend from their small neighbourhood community. She and her husband had found Steve unconscious on the beach an hour earlier, and immediately called for emergency assistance. Steve had been taken to the hospital. Carol did not know this at the time but the EMT had not been able to revive Steve on the beach, or on the way to the hospital. He was pronounced dead on arrival from massive heart failure.


The shock, the disbelief, the constant pain of the loss of my love, best friend and my children’s father is with me constantly. I don’t know how to live, I drag myself through each day, unable to sleep at night. My body ache, my heart ache, I constantly break out in sweats, heart racing…I constantly worry about everything…expect that my children will die suddenly, or that I will die suddenly…and that my children will be left without parents. Everything feels like a crisis all the time. I feel helpless to help my children…I feel like I don’t have the energy to be there for them…I’m just to tired…numb…and that makes me feel so horrible and guilty. I don’t sleep well…I toss and turn half the night and wake up bathing in sweat…just constantly anxious…difficulty breathing and my heart racing. I don’t do anything for me anymore…I just move like a zombie…trying to take care of my children’s needs…


Carol sobs throughout the consultation, barely able to talk at times. She tells me that it feels like it happened just yesterday, the grief is so incredibly painful and the wound so fresh and wide open.


Mending a Broken Heart

Homeopathy for sudden shock, trauma and grief helps you move through the natural grieving process. The shock of losing a loved one or witnessing a violent episode can leave you in a state of constant trauma, unable to go through the stages of healing, as was the case with Carol.

Carol received a prescription for the homeopathic remedy aconite to take right away and continue every day for the next week. Aconite was then followed by two other remedies taken during the next few weeks. The results of the first remedy was immediate and Carol started sleeping through the night from the very first night after taking the aconite. Aconite is a remedy often prescribed immediately after a fright or shock when indicated by the patients symptoms.

I had two follow-ups with Carol over a period of 6 weeks. The exhaustion, the raw open wound feeling, the constant aching pain felt all over her body subsided. Carol slept well and gradually regained her energy and a renewed hope for a future without her dear husband and beloved father of her children by her side. The longing, the missing and the wonderful memories will never leave as Carol tells me …but it hurts less…it no longer feels excruciatingly acute…I don’t think and worry about myself or my children dying suddenly anymore…I feel more like myself…I know I can go on now without being in constant pain and agony. I have started running again…something I never thought I would ever be able to do after Steve passed away.

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