Treating agoraphobia naturally with customized medicine

What is homeopathy and customized medicine?

Customized medicine takes a holistic approach to health and healing. This means that the symptoms you are experiencing, whether mental, emotional or physical, are not looked at as existing separately from one another, but interconnected across all body systems.


Holistic medicine, in this case homeopathy, treats the whole person, paying equal attention to all of the symptoms the person is having. Customized, or individualized treatment and prescribing can only happen when there is a thorough understanding of how your body react to, and express disease and imbalance. Your mind and your body are as unique and individual as your fingerprint. Treating this uniqueness; your individual experience, expression; your root cause or trigger, makes deep, profound and lasting healing possible.


Rather than treating each part as a separate disease using conventional medications, often suppressing and numbing, a homeopaths work consist of understanding why you are having the symptoms you are having in the first place, and how all the symptoms are connected. The aim of homeopathy is not to keep your symptoms in check; to maintain a status quo. No! Homeopathic treatment aims to aid your body’s own healing mechanism to naturally remove your symptoms over time. When the root cause  of your symptoms are being treated, your body gradually returns to a balanced and healthy state. When your body returns to this healthy state, there is no longer a need for the body to produce the symptoms (the body’s warning lights), and they will gradually disappear.


Symptoms associated with agoraphobia?

Translated from Greek as “fear of the marketplace,” agoraphobia involves intense fear and anxiety to a real or anticipated place or situation where escape might be difficult. People with agoraphobia may avoid situations such as being alone outside of the home, traveling in a car, bus, or airplane, being in a crowded area, being in enclosed spaces such as shops and cinemas, or being on a bridge or in an elevator.


  • Fear or anxiety about:
    • being outside of the home alone
    • using public transportation
    • being in enclosed places (stores, movie theaters)
    • standing in line or being in a crowd
    • being in open spaces (markets, parking lots)
    • being in places where escape might be difficult


  • Active avoidance of all situations that provoke fear and anxiety
  • Becoming housebound for prolonged periods
  • Feelings of detachment or estrangement from others
  • Feelings of helplessness
  • Dependence upon others
  • Anxiety or panic attack (acute severe anxiety)


How can homeopathy help me overcome my agoraphobia?

Homeopathic medicine is the second most used form of medical therapy in the world today, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). Homeopathy has a long history of treating most mental and emotional problems naturally and successfully. Homeopathy offers deep and long lasting change, without the use of drugs, to people who might have struggled for years with debilitating emotional problems, preventing them from living a full and satisfying life.

The first consultation with a homeopath takes anywhere from one to two hours. During this time the homeopath will take your full case history, covering mental, emotional and physical symptoms. The case taking is extensive, and designed to discover the unique pattern of symptoms that will determine which homeopathic medicine that will work best for you. The consultation with a homeopath may seem very similar to a session with a psychotherapist, but the intent is different. During the interview, where you are given plenty of room to talk, the homeopath will take pages of notes to match the mental, emotional and physical symptoms characteristic to you to a specific homeopathic remedy with similar characteristics. Even if you are seeing a homeopath for mental and emotional issues, be sure to mention any physical symptoms you have going on right now, or have had in the past.

The homeopathic medicine picked specifically for you will generally need to be taken in infrequent doses, with consultations scheduled anywhere from 4-6 weeks apart for the first few months. The long stretch between appointments are needed to be able to assess how the medicine is working over a period of time. Once the correct medicine is found, improvement is generally seen within a week to four weeks, with steady improvement following over weeks and months until no further medicines are needed (some complex cases need one year or more to complete treatment).


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