Top Homeopathic Remedies for Exam Nerves

Homeopathy can help calm those exam nerves!

Exam nerves is something most students will feel to some degree. A nervous anticipation ahead of an important life event, like an exam, is perfectly normal and something most of us have been exposed to. Those fluttering butterflies in the stomach, or a knot of anxiety, if more severe. All the hours of lectures and studying over years, culminating in the final big test. Will my memory fail me? Will I draw a blank? Am I really prepared? What if, what if..?

Homeopathy can help calm those exam nerves and help you focus on the task ahead, rather than on those unwelcome and disruptive nerves. Chose the remedy that is the closest match for best results. If you don't feel confident choosing one of the suggested remedies, there are also combination remedies such as Stress Calm by Boiron available for purchase. Another natural, non-drowsy stress reliever is Bach Rescue Remedy


Gelsemium 30c

Key word for this remedy is weakness. Feeling weak, shaky, trembling. Feeling confused. Mind going blank. Can have frequent urination from anticipatory anxiety.


Argentum nitricum 30c

Key words, restlessness and heart palpitations. Anticipatory anxiety with strong fear of failure. Sweating and can have diarrhea from the nervousness. Want to get out of the room, feeling better outside in fresh air.


Lycopodium 30c

Key word, lack of confidence. They may try to cover this up and appear overly confident and boastful, when in fact they feel very insecure and nervous inside. Anticipatory anxiety in new situations but do well once they get started. Can have problems with reading and writing, (big dyslexia remedy) contributing to the insecurity they feel before and exam. Fear what others may think of them.


Kali phosphoricum 30c

Key word, exhaustion. Weakness, burned out, nervousness from overstudy and overwhelm. Fatigue. Headache from too much studying.


Kali phosphoricum 6x (cell salt)

Fatigue from mental work. This cell salt can be take daily for a longer period of time. It acts as a cellular tonic to prevent burn out, or to strengthen a weakened system due to overwork.


For chronic anxiety, please consult with a professional homeopath for an individually prescribed homeopathic remedy.

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