Stuck in the debilitating loop of OCD? Homeopathy can help!

Out of the loop with homeopathy

I started seeing Carol a little over a year ago for OCD, anxiety and depression. She had found herself in the debilitating loop of OCD, constant intrusive thoughts and ritualistic obsessive behavior, for more than 5 years.


This is destroying my life and my relationships…I have no social life to speak of anymore, and am worried about how I’ll be able to continue working much longer…It’s like a prison and I desperately need to get out!


Carol is 32, no children, and recently divorced. She has a history of anxiety from as far back as she can remember.


There was a lot of fighting and arguing in my house growing up. I had nightmares and separation anxiety. I was terrified of my parents leaving me or dying… and that I would be alone. My nightmares were horrible…I was locked up, chained, in a prison cell or in a box…always alone and fighting to get out…I was angry, wanted to hurt someone in the dream, but my hands were tied…I had to get out to help my parents to stop fighting. I felt responsible…that it was my fault, because of me…that I had done something wrong and that’s why they were always fighting and arguing.


Carol has constant intrusive thoughts of unintentionally causing harm to others. This happens whether she’s out walking or driving. When passing someone one the street she has to go back and check, and re-check that the person, or persons, she just passed wasn’t harmed by her. The same happens when driving. She’ll frequently stop the car and go back and check if she caused a traffic accident, injuring someone unintentionally.


I’m always terrified of leaving my house. It starts before I leave…from the moment I wake up and get ready for work, I have extreme anxiety about what’s going to happen on my way to work and while at work. I can’t function…this is no life and I have had thoughts of ending my life, I can’t do this anymore! It destroyed my marriage and my friendships has been impossible to maintain. I feel responsible for my marriage falling appart


Homeopathic treatment

Homeopathy doesn’t require you to do anything other than to tell your story and describe your symptoms. The homeopathic prescription is determined by how OCD and anxiety express in your individual case. Intrusive thoughts and compulsions can take so many different forms. The homeopathic remedy has to be matched to your unique story, your specific symptoms, and how it affects your life.


When I see a patient for the first time, we spend anywhere from 1,5 – 2 hours together in conversation. Most of this time is spent with me listening to how you describe your current symptoms and general health history. I ask questions when necessary during our conversation to help analyze and select the appropriate homeopathic medicine that is going to be helpful for you.


When making a homeopathic prescription, your individual symptoms are more useful than the actual medical diagnosis. As a homeopath I’m interested in who the person is behind the ‘label’; OCD, depression, anxiety; and what specifically is going on in your situation? Homeopathy is not a ‘one size’ fits all medicine, but always personalized to each individual.


Carol continued

The homeopathic remedy that helped Carol was Osmium. She was given a total of 4 doses of the remedy during the 7 months she saw me. She experienced a drastic reduction in symptoms just 2 weeks following the first dose of the remedy, and gradually improved to where she felt she didn’t need any further treatment. She is currently free of her OCD symptoms and anxiety and will check in with me on a need to basis.


I NEVER thought I could become free of the prison I’ve been living in. It’s just amazing the life I have now! I’ve really never experienced this level of freedom before…and the process has been so gentle and gradual that it’s almost hard for me to remember exactly how horrible and lonely my life used to be.


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