Postpartum Depression/Anxiety

Homeopathy treats your PPD/PPA naturally!

If the use of conventional drug therapy for prenatal or postpartum depression and anxiety is not appealing or tolerable for you, homeopathy offers a natural and non-toxic treatment option.

Avoiding the use of conventional antidepressants and anti-anxiety drugs does not mean you have to go without treatment. The gentle, safe, non-habit forming and side-effect free nature of homeopathic medicines, makes them the perfect choice for women who wants a natural method of treating their symptoms effectively. Homeopathy is safe to take during pregnancy and while  breastfeeding.


"Lone has helped me tremendously. I have seen homeopaths before but our sessions, and their outcomes, were different - even if they were online. During our first consult and afterwords when she prescribed my constitutional remedy I felt really seen, she got in just below two hours some essential traits of my personality. I felt truly heard. I reached out to her about my PPD. She has helped me so much with that and above all she has helped me with what was underneath it, unprocessed grief. Lone embodies everything that a practitioner should be: she is compassionate, she is intuitive, she is perceptive and profoundly knowledgeable of homeopathy. I trust her. My experience with her was amazing and I have recently decided to contact her for something that my daughter is going through. She is as skilled with children during a consult as she is with adults. Lone is truly a gem." A.B, Florida


You have been an amazing help (that is an understatement) for the past year. ...has been a huge milestone for me and it only became possible through your priceless effort to help me. The way you have engaged with my emotions and feelings while guiding me to reconnect with myself has been a one of kind experience. You are incredibly good at your work!

Lone has been helping me heal from bad depression and anxiety left over from when I had my son. I have never tried homeopathic remedies before. She is so thorough and caring. She is dedicated to getting the correct remedy to make sure I am able to continue healing.  I am getting better and better and am SO grateful to be working with Lone. I highly recommend!!

I can't believe the changes in how I feel. I have my life back, I have the energy to take care of my daughter, to play with her...I have started going out more without feeling so scared. I have not had any more panic attacks...they used to be so bad and I never knew when they would come. Not feeling wiped out all the time is so incredible.

Hope, healing, homeopathy

Suffering with postpartum depression and anxiety while caring for a new baby can feel frightening, lonely, isolating and exhausting, mentally and physically. In addition to caring for baby, you may also have older children who are in need of your time and attention.

In my practice as a homeopath I frequently treat women who tell me their heartfelt stories of suffering and despair. The sense of desperation and sadness these women share with me can be very intense and raw.

Being able to offer help and provide relief to moms suffering with PPD, PPA and postpartum rage, is gratifying and humbling. It is wonderful to be able to provide a treatment option that help women recover naturally, using only gentle, non-toxic and non-habit forming homeopathic remedies. The correct remedy prescribed based on your specific symptoms and general health history, helps bring about balance and healing on all levels.


If you are experiencing mental and emotional symptoms that limit or trouble you, and you are seeking relief without prescription drugs, then consider scheduling a complimentary 15 minute consult with me to discuss options.

What is the consultation like and what happens after?

  • When you have scheduled your online appointment with me, I will send you a short intake form to fill out and return to me within 24 hours of the consultation. The intake form includes the reason why you are seeking help, as well as some general health history information, such as past health problems, medications, hospitalizations etc., if applicable.


  • The first consultation is between 1,5 - 2 hours long. We talk about what is going on with your health right now, as well as your general health history, including your pregnancy. You will have a lot of room to share with me exactly how you feel, physically, mentally and emotionally. Everything you tell me plays an important part in finding the right homeopathic remedy fit for you.


  • The homeopathic consultation is a judgement free and safe place to share everything about how you feel. The more I understand you as a person, how you think, feel and react, the better I am able to help you in your recovery.


  • Homeopathy prescribe the medicine according to each individual, their specific symptoms, thoughts, feelings, hopes, dreams, fears, food likes and dislikes, sleep pattern, health history etc; everything that is unique and individual to you. I am interested in who you are, and do not prescribe a medicine based on a diagnostic label. Depression and anxiety takes many forms, and is expressed completely differently from person to person This means that of 10 women coming to see me for postpartum depression, it's very likely they will be prescribed 10 different homeopathic medicines.


  • After we conclude the consultation, I generally need to spend some time reviewing the case, before I decide on the remedy that is going to be tailored to you. It may take a few hours before I get back to you with the prescription, or it may take me a couple of days to finalize my analysis.


  • Once the correct remedy is established, I will e-mail you the prescription, information on where to purchase the remedy in your area (country), how to, and how often to take the remedy, as well as a suggested time for the follow-up appointment. How soon the follow-up appointment needs to be scheduled depends on what is going on with your health. In most cases, follow-up appointments are scheduled 3-4 weeks apart for the first 2-3 appointments. After this, if needed, every 6 weeks to 2 month intervals. When your health has stabilized, I generally recommend checking in with me every 4-6 months or so, until no further treatment is needed.