OCD and Anxiety

OCD and Anxiety

I am getting better and better and am SO grateful to be working with Lone. I highly recommend!!

Lone is a great homeopath. Very patient and detailed.

Treat OCD naturally! Highly effective, safe, and painless treatment for OCD.

Our brain is a fantastic organ with amazing capacities. When symptoms of OCD are present, it tells us that something is not working the way it's supposed to. Homeopathy uses the symptoms (signals) your body produce, as clues to finding the best homeopathic remedy that will help bring your body back to balance, which means the symptoms (signals) are no longer needed and gradually goes away.


I treat OCD naturally alongside it's associated conditions

Studies have found that most sufferers of OCD also have, or have a history of, one or several of the conditions listed below (comorbid conditions).


  • Anxiety Disorders
  • Depressive Disorders
  • ADHD
  • Eating Disorders
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)
  • Tic Disorders/Tourette Syndrome
  • Hoarding Disorder
  • Hair pulling, skin picking, nail biting, lip biting


With homeopathy, we're not trying to cure the body with the homeopathic remedy. What we want the remedy to do, is to stimulate the body to correct itself by giving it the homeopathic medicine that match the signals the body is sending us. Our bodies are remarkably clever, and has amazing capacities for self healing given the right nourishment and natural stimulants.


Lone is like no one out there. Her 360degree approach paired with her outstanding ability to listen deeply and empathize makes her an outstanding professional. She has been helping me with PPD and I can only thank her for her commitment to make me feel better. Thank you Lone! ******

Lone has been helping me heal from bad depression and anxiety left over from when I had my son. I have never tried homeopathic remedies before. She is so thorough and caring. She is dedicated to getting the correct remedy to make sure I am able to continue healing. I am getting better and better and am SO grateful to be working with Lone. I highly recommend!!

Hi Lone. My son has been a new person since you helped him with his migraines. It's been more than a year now, and he hasn't had a migraine since you treated him! It's amazing, since he's been struggling with chronic migraines for so long.

Lone Pedersen

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