OCD and anxiety after trauma, naturally resolved

Triggered by trauma

I saw 13 year old Lucy over a period 6 months for help with OCD, anxiety, and recurring nightmares.


A little over a year prior to seeing me, Lucy and her family had been involved in a serious car accident. Lucy’s father, who was driving the family car at the time of the accident, was seriously injured, but did make a full recovery after months in hospital and rehabilitation. Lucy and her mom were fortunate to escape the accident with only minor physical injuries. The emotional trauma Lucy experienced as a result of the accident however, triggered some debilitating issues for her.


Soon after the accident, Lucy started having frequent nightmares that would leave her terrified and exhausted. From being a care free and happy child; following the accident, she had become completely preoccupied with thoughts that something bad would happen to her parents. The anxiety and fear quickly led Lucy to develop repetitive behaviors in order to cope with her anxiety. Hair pulling (Trichotillomania), constantly checking that all the doors and windows of the family’s home were locked, was how OCD manifested in Lucy’s case.


The homeopathic remedy Belladonna resolved all Lucy’s health issues quite rapidly. Following our first consultation and one dose of the remedy, the nightmares did not reoccur at all. The anxiety and OCD symptoms gradually subsided, before completely going away after 4 months, and only two repetitions of the same remedy.

Lucy continued to see me for another few months for her seasonal allergies. A different homeopathic remedy was prescribed for her allergies. Lucy is still doing really great; back to living care free and happy.


Different symptoms, different remedies

What the details are in your specific case, is what will determine the homeopathic medicine that is going to help you in your recovery. All the emotional and physical symptoms unique to you, are mapped out in your consultation with me. From all the information you share during our talk; a remedy, the potency (strength), and the frequency of when to take the remedy, are worked out.


There are hundreds of homeopathic remedies that are used in successfully treating the symptoms of OCD and anxiety. Finding the right match for you or for your child, is key to a successful outcome, like in Lucy’s case.


With homeopathic treatment you can begin to feel better without feeling worse (no side effects). It’s easy and painless, and it generally works quickly so you can begin to feel happier, calmer, more relaxed and able to cope in your daily life.


Online global practice

As with Lucy, I see all my clients via Skype or other form of video call. Please let me know what your preference is. You can contact me by email: homeopatlone@gmail.com, or use this link to my contact form.


I also have 15 minute free chats available for those who would like to meet with me briefly, before deciding to book their first consultation.


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