Natural homeopathic treatment and prevention of the flu

Do you want to prevent and treat the flu naturally?

You can turn to homeopathy for both prevention and treatment!

The remedies are inexpensive and readily available. Homeopathic remedies are always safe, non-toxic and without side effects.




Any time there is a threat of influenza, you can use the modus operandi favored by homeopaths all over the world. This can be employed regardless of the type of flu that is going around.

The prophylactic protocol is to use Influenzinum 30c one day weekly over the course of one month, then one day monthly over the course of the influenza months. Influenzinum may be taken by any family member regardless of age, including pregnant and nursing babies. If you are nursing and taking Influenzinum there is no need to give your baby the remedy as she will be exposed to the remedy through your milk.

You may order Influenzinum from most homeopathic pharmacies. For more information on where to purchase the remedy, feel free to get in touch with me.



Aconite Napellus (Acon.)

Aconite is a remedy most often needed during the very first stage of flu .Symptoms come on quickly, often alarmingly, and the person is unusually restless and anxious. Symptoms may start after exposure to dry, cold wind. Shivering and cold waves can pass through the body with the fever. The face may be flushed with constricted pupils.


Arsenicum Album (Ars)

The symptoms of an Arsenicum flu consist of marked restlessness and anxiety, hot face and cold body. The restlessness can lead to exhaustion and collapseVomiting and diarrhoea may also be present, with chills and rigor following the fever. The patient will be thirsty for small sips of water and want constant company. They may have a fear of death.


Belladonna (Bell.)

A Belladonna type of flu usually starts suddenly. The face will be hot, the skin red, the eyes glazed, and the pupils possibly dilated. The patient may complain of a throbbing headache and feel worse for motion and jarring, or for being bumped. The fever can be very high but with little or no thirstHands and feet are icy cold even though the body is hot. There may also be delirium with the fever. Very sensitive, the person feels worse for light, being touched, noise. etc. Symptoms worse at 3pm.


Bryonia Alba (Bry.)

Bryonia flu’s are gradual rather than sudden in onset and progress slowly. The patient is irritable, and prefers to be left alone. All symptoms, such as severely aching muscles or joints, are worse for movement and better for rest and being still. The patient will bevery thirsty for large but infrequent gulps of water. They also have dry skin, a coated tongue, cracked lips, or a left-sided headache. During the delirium of the fever, they may particularly ask to go home even though already there.


Eupatorium Perfoliatum (Eup-per.)

Influenza with a very high fever and severe aching in the muscles and the bones. The patient feels as if their bones are breaking or broken. They will be chilly, sometimes with rigors (shaking) and may desire cold drinks even though they will be chilled by them. They can be thirsty just before the chill and have a severe headache as the fever peaks. Symptoms worse between 7 to 9am.


Gelsemium (Gels.)

Gelsemium is one of the most commonly needed flu remedies. Symptoms develop gradually. The patient feels heavy, weak, lethargic, and dull. The weakness is accompanied by trembling. Eyes feel very heavy, can not keep them open. Limbs ache and shivers may run up and down the spine. They usually have a heavy headache that starts in the back of the head and radiates to the forehead. The headache may be relieved by passing urine. Eyelids will droop and there will be weakness and heaviness of the head and limbs.


Nux vomica (Nux-v.)

The person needing Nux vomica for their flu will be sensitive, irritable, and snappy. They will be extremely sensitive to drafts and cold – even the slightest motion of air as they move under the bed-covers will create shivers. They will be easily irritated and bothered by light and noise. Insomnia can be a problem and symptoms are worse in the morning.


Rhus toxicodendron (Rhus-t.)

The Rhus-t flu consist of restlessness and aching limbs in which the patient must move almost constantly to ease pain, even when trying to sleep. The joints can feel stiff. The flu may be triggered by, or worsened by cold and damp. The fever is often preceded by a prolonged chilly stage and can be accompanied by fever blisters or cold sores on or around the lips.


I recommend the 30c potency.