Is your child struggling with anxiety and learning? Making learning fun again with homeopathy

A child’s ability to learn, can be affected by anxiety

Many of the children I have seen for anxiety over the years, also struggle with learning, and as a result; a lack of enjoyment and fun associated with learning and school. A child’s anxiety can be rooted in all sorts of issues that I always explore when seeing a new patient. Sometimes there is a predisposition in the family, and other times we can trace the start of the anxiety back to a specific event in the child’s life, such as after an illness, a loss in the child’s life (divorce, a loved one, a pet…), moving, witnessing or experiencing something the child perceived as frightening or traumatic. The cause or trigger of the anxiety is not always known, but the individual child’s emotional state, language and behavior give me the clues I need to find a good matching remedy in the individual case.


Homeopathy is natural and treats the whole person

Treating your child’s anxiety with homeopathy address the root cause of the problem and helps bring the whole system into balance. When anxiety is resolved, the negative thinking, perception and ability to learn improves as a result. Homeopathy can do this, using natural, gentle, safe and effective homeopathic remedies that do not cause any side-effects.


Rachel, 10, had anxieties and fears about a lot of things when I first saw her. She was very insecure, shy and quiet when out in public, but could be very angry and defiant when at home in familiar and safe surroundings. She felt very anxious about what others may think or say about her, and did not want to participate much in the classroom because of this. She felt that she could do much better in school than she was, but her self confidence got the better of her. Her thoughts were filled with the idea that she was not good enough, not smart enough, if she opened her mouth then everyone would laugh at her. She was afraid of the dark, afraid of being alone, she had a history of frequent colds and ear infections, she often felt tired and lethargic; a marked lack of energy for a girl her age. She likes eggs, sweets and carbs, and is generally chilly.

Calcarea carb was the homeopathic remedy that suited Rachel best, based on all her symptoms and personality. Her anxieties and fears resolved over a period of 5 months on this remedy. Rachel is doing so much better in school and at home. Her energy level and self confidence has dramatically increased. 


…Lone embodies everything that a practitioner should be: she is compassionate, she is intuitive, she is perceptive and profoundly knowledgeable of homeopathy. I trust her. My experience with her was amazing and I have recently decided to contact her for something that my daughter is going through. She is as skilled with children during a consult as she is with adults. Lone is truly a gem. A.B, Florida


When children have a difficult time learning, they can express their frustration in many different ways. 

  • Not wanting to go to school
  • Angry outbursts
  • Shutting down
  • Isolating themselves
  • Crying
  • Lack of self confidence
  • Bullying others
  • Refusing to do homework
  • Sadness
  • Sleep problems
  • Nightmares
  • Increased or decreased appetite
  • Increased anxiety
  • Depression
  • OCD


Anxiety and the effect on cognition

  • Anxiety
  • Thinking
  • Perception
  • Learning


Chronic anxiety affects thinking, thinking affects perception, perception affects learning. This becomes a vicious cycle that can inflate over time and be difficult to break without professional help.

Struggling with anxiety affects thinking, perception and learning, but also a child’s quality of life in general. Having fun, feeling good and healthy in all aspects of life, is what we want the outcome to be with homeopathic treatment.


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