Natural and safe for shock and trauma.

In light of frequent violent events worldwide, many people are suffering from reactions of shock, deep seated grief, fear and trauma. Sudden, unexpected acts of violence against innocent people produce immense sorrow and outrage, along with feelings of helplessness and hopelessness.

Other than taking pharmaceutical drugs that often don’t work, and produce varying degrees of side- effects, little else is available to help individuals manage  and find relief for their intense emotions.

Homeopathic medicines are unique in their ability to ease the pain and recover from shock and trauma. Homeopathy is natural, non-toxic, safe and gentle for anyone to take, regardless of age.

Homeopathic remedies for shock and trauma


The first remedy to think of after an immediate shock of any kind is Arnica. Arnica is effective in relieving shock on all levels, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Whether the shock arises from banging your head after falling off a tricycle to the shock of being shot or hearing that your child was killed, Arnica is the correct remedy for the victim and for those around who are suffering.


Aconite is also an excellent remedy for shock, especially after a sudden, unexpected violent occurrence where there’s tremendous fear involved. The person will be extremely anxious and restless, fearing they may die and experiencing terror. They may be screaming, pacing, running around not knowing what to do and wringing hands; alternatively, they may completely collapse.


Ignatia is the first remedy to take if you’re experiencing feelings of grief, especially when accompanied by a sense of hysteria, uncontrolled crying and anxiety. Feelings of apprehensiveness and acute suffering made worse from drinking coffee. Lots of sighing and sobbing, unwilling to communicate, introspective and prefers being alone.

Natrum Muriaticum

Nat Mur is needed by many people who experience the long-term effects of terrible grief. The individual is usually deeply depressed and unable to let go of painful past memories. They don’t like being consoled and prefer being left alone to cry. Nat Mur is often needed after a terrible shock when Ignatia fails to act.


If you’re unsure of what potency to use for any of the above remedies and are unable to contact a homeopath, I recommended that you use a 30C potency or lower.

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