Homeopathy – One of a kind medicine for the one of a kind person.

Homeopathy - Individualized medicine for the one of a kind person.

I am often asked what homeopathic remedies I would recommend for specific health issues. Completely understandable, as we're used to think of medicines prescribed for particular ailments or diagnosis.

If you know a little or a lot about homeopathy, you know that homeopathy is prescribed for the person with the dis-ease/diagnosis, rather than for the diagnostic label. There is no one person out there just like you, and when it comes to dis-ease, your collective symptom picture; mental, emotional and physical combined, will always be unique to you.

Homeopathy is personalized medicine for the one of a kind, unique person that is you. There is no one size fits all, no remedy for ADHD, ASD, OCD, anxiety or depression...but there is a remedy for the person with symptoms that fall into any one or several diagnostic labels, often overlapping.

Homeopathy treats from the inside out, rather than from the outside in, stimulating the body's innate self healing mechanism, not suppressing or simply keeping symptoms in check, but re-balancing the whole system, resulting in reduction or complete removal of symptoms over time. To do this, we have to match the remedy to the whole person and the group of symptoms unique to each individual.

Who is the person we're treating? What are the symptoms? How does the person describe the symptoms? How do the symptoms affect the person? Did anything happen in the persons life when the symptoms first started? We look into family history and the general health history of the patient. What are their interests? Are they shy or extroverted? Sleep, appetite, food likes and dislikes, body temperature... the questions we're looking for answers to are many, broad and deep to arrive at the individualized remedy to help you heal. Piecing together the picture of each and every one of a kind person to give you the best individualized, gentle and natural health care.

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