Homeopathy – Natural relief for fright, panic, grief and shock


Homeopathy treats acute fright, grief and shock effectively!


Treating acute emotional distress as soon as possible after it happens may prevent future chronic health problems from developing. When we experience strong emotions such as overwhelming fear, panic, grief or shock, our system responds quickly (fight or flight response) with physical and emotional symptoms of stress. You may feel faint, nauseous, weak, trembling, rapid pulse, heart palpitations, excessive perspiration, and other emotional and physical symptoms.


If you or your loved ones find yourselves in an acute situation of fear, panic, grief or shock, you can help relieve the intensity of the symptoms with a well selected homeopathic remedy. I suggest having the following remedies on hand for fast relief.


You can pick up single homeopathic remedies at most health food stores. Single remedies, as well as home remedy kits, may also be ordered from any homeopathic pharmacy.



For acute situations when sudden fears overtake us rapidly. Intense fear of death, as well as ­palpitations, shortness of breath, flushed face, and trembling. Agitated, restless, fearful and anxious (even a state of terror). Shock.



If you have no other homeopathic medicines available to you except Arnica, give it as soon as possible in all cases of emotional shock and trauma. Sore, bruised and beat up feeling. I suggest arnica in 1 30c or 200c potency.



In acute grief, such as the loss of a loved one, the family home, divorce, our job, friends, moving house, financial loss. Whatever the circumstance, the acute sense of loss and grief is often helped by Ignatia. The person may hyperventilate, alternate between laughing and crying (hysterical behavior) twitch, jerk, have cramps and display contradictory, unpredictable behavior. They often withdraw from comfort and reassurance. Sense of lump in the throat.



Anxiety that lead to a sense of weakness anywhere in the body. Any exertion produces trembling of the muscles, knees may may feel weak, legs may shake, and hands can tremble. They can feel paralyzed by the anxiety, helpless and want to hide away. Weakness and trembling and feeling sleepy with heaviness of body, heavy and droopy eyelids.


Arsenicum album

For those who feel extremely exhausted yet restless with the anxiety. The person may be fidgeting, pacing, and anxiously moving from place to place. May also have digestive problems, feeling the anxiety in their gut with diarrhea or nausea. Thirsty, burning pain.


Giving the remedy

For self prescribing, I suggest using the 30c potency (arnica up to 200c). If no improvement after 3-4 repetitions (every 5-15 minutes, depending on the intensity of the situation), do move to another well  indicated remedy. If you need support in choosing a remedy, please feel free to book a 30 minute consultation with me to sort it out.


Remember that once symptoms start to settle, only give another dose when improvement stops, or if symptoms return.


The homeopathic remedies that will be of help in a situation of fright, panic, shock or grief, are not limited to the 5 discussed here. There are many possible remedies available to choose from. Which one will be helpful in any given situation depends entirely on the symptoms the person is expressing. To learn more, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.



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