A child’s inner world of violence helped with homeopathy

Alone, darkness and violence


Children who experience constant intrusive thoughts of violence live with a tremendous amount of stress and anxiety. This 7 year old was struggling with tormenting thoughts of violently harming his older brother and others. He was extremely afraid of the dark and was wetting his bed several nights a week.


Two years prior to starting homeopathic treatment, he had witnessed domestic violence in the home. His parents are now divorced. When his mom contacted me, this young boy had been seeing a mental health counselor weekly for the past 3 months.


He tells me that he feels invisible, lonely and friendless. He also feels like his friends and his family are invisible, and that he is the only one left in the world.


It’s like I don’t have any friends. It feels like they are invisible, like I am the only person in the world. I ignore any friends when that happens. It hurts my heart. No one is in your life, just you and imaginary friend.

In my world there is smoke, burning, blood everywhere. It’s dark, like down in hell. It’s red all around, orange fires, red stuff, black buildings. I have a burned down couch to sit on and watch fire on TV.

The fire lights the path for me. I grab a lantern to walk around. I walk for 20 days, I keep going and going. I get to the sea, nothing but sand and rocks, only dead fish.


This young boy was living in a terrifying world of isolation, fear and violence. What an awful and frightening place to be trapped for a child. According to mom, he could be mild mannered and sweet one moment and acting out in an aggressive, rude and cold hearted manner the next moment. He was anxious mostly at night, fearful of the dark, monsters and of being left alone. His language was often very foul with lots of swearing and defiance in his voice.


My brother told me I stole his money. I was SOSO angry, wanted to kill him, can’t hear anything from his body anymore. Would kill him as hard as I could. Makes me just want to do bad things to him. He can see how it feels. Maybe I will steal his money. You never know what I will do, I could kill him. He does not know that I could kill him.

 Never know what I will do when I grow up. Nobody to have control over me. Now my teachers and parents have control over me. Want to beat down the teachers until they live no longer. They make me feel as if I want to kill them. I am the best person in the world. I am the president of the school, of the kids. I can do anything and get anything.


I prescribed the homeopathic remedy Stramonium in this case. There are numerous homeopathic remedies that are going to be helpful for children and teens who express violence and aggressiveness. To be able to find the specific remedy that will help in each case, it is crucial to have an in depth interview that covers all current symptoms and general health history. Every person is different, and the homeopathic remedy is chosen based on very specific information in each and every case.

10 children or teens with violent and aggressive behavior could well be prescribed 10 different remedies.


What happened next?

During the follow-up appointment 3 weeks after taking one dose of the prescribed remedy, mom could report that things had improved by leaps and bounds. Bedwetting that happened several times a week had only occurred twice in the first week after the remedy, and nothing during the two following weeks.

Sleep had improved and now being able to go to sleep without having to have the lights on, only the door slightly cracked open.

Behavior was much improved. Not a lot of arguing and being defiant and aggressive. More easy going with older brother who he used to pick fights with all the time. Mom felt it was an overall 70-80% improvement in the 3 weeks since we first met.

Boy’s own words; not feeling so angry and not having thoughts of hurting anyone. No thoughts of hurting brother, friends or teachers. Still a little afraid of the dark, but not thinking about it as much.

I ask if he feels invisible now. He says he does sometimes, but it’s better. He tells me he doesn’t feel lonely like he used to. He is having more fun with his friends.


I continued to see this delightful 7 year old monthly over the next 4 months. He was doing very well after that, and didn’t need any further doses of his remedy. A total of 2 doses of the Stramonium was needed during the four months I treated him. Counseling sessions were continued twice monthly during the homeopathic treatment. He is now 10 years old, and is doing great.


Less is more

With homeopathy, less is more, minimum dose, natural, gentle, safe, non-toxic, no side effects. The homeopathic remedies help address they root of the problem and help the body re-establish balance and health.


If you want help with your childs behavioral issues, or other mental and emotional health problems, please be in touch. I see all my clients by video call, so your location is never an issue for getting homeopathic help.


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