Homeopathy for angry, defiant and violent children

Simon’s recovery

Simon is 11 years old and has been exhibiting angry and violent behavior ever since he was just a toddler. Simon’s rage, threatening behavior, and violence, has been consistently growing in intensity over the years, to the point where his parents and school have become increasingly concerned.

I have been seeing Simon for some months now, and his behavior has changed dramatically during this time. He no longer has any violent and aggressive tendencies. The frequent night terrors he used to have are also completely gone. The homeopathic remedy Stramonium was indicated in this case, and the results after the 1st dose was truly amazing, with a reduction in symptoms of 60% in just a little over 2 weeks.

Simon has had 4 doses of the remedy total, but has not needed any further dosing for the last two months. He is doing very well, to everyones delight 🌱


As always, all consultations with Simon’s parents were done by video call.

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