Homeopathy helps 4 year old with debilitating anxiety

A nervous and scared little boy

Peter was only 4 when mom contacted me for his extreme anxiety. The anxiety worsened every time they left the house. Peter was fine at home with the family, and while playing with friends when they came over for playdates. He had never shown any anxiety or fear at bedtime, on the contrary, most nights he was content and quickly fell asleep after the nightly ritual of either parent singing, and reading a bedtime story. He was a very sweet, kind and happy child.


The trouble always started when the parents, usually mom, took Peter out to run errands, visit friends, play at the park, or any other activity taking place outside of the home. Mom was giving me some examples of how Peters anxiety would usually play out.


Taking Peter to a store usually meant having to carry him, while pushing the shopping cart and gathering the grocery’s she needed. Peter would panic if put down on the ground. This wasn’t your usual temper tantrum, but total panic; all too often followed by vomiting right there on the spot. Peter would gag profusely, or vomit almost immediately when he was afraid, and scream bloody murder panicky crying.

When visiting friends and family, Peter could not be left with anyone (even those he knew well) if mom needed to leave the room for a second. If she was going to the bathroom he had to come in with her. If she tried to reassure him and go by herself he would, as on reflex, vomit and cry in panic. Being outside of the family’s home meant being right next to, or carrying Peter at all times.

Mom was at her wits end. This had been going on since Peter was a baby and the parents had thought he would outgrow this in time. The parents could not explain the anxiety Peter was experiencing, or what might have caused it. Peter was suffering, mom was exhausted and constantly worried. Having tried everything possible to reassure, to comfort and soothe him, nothing they did was making a difference in his level of anxiety and panic.



One of the wonderful advantages with homeopathic treatment is that there is no need to know why things are the way they are. It just is, and you treat what is in front of you, the symptoms the patient is describing. Homeopaths prescribe a remedy that fits the individuals symptoms. In addition to Peters mental and emotional symptoms I did what I do with every patient; I ask about the persons general medical history, his food likes and dis-likes, his sleep patterns, is he generally a hot or cold person, etc. This way we form a holistic picture of the patient, mental, emotional and physical symptoms, from where we choose the right remedy that will help you. Homeopathy is always tailored to the uniqueness that is you.


Doing so much better

Based on everything mom had told me about Peters anxiety, as well as the additional health information, a remedy was given. In Peters case he was given 2 doses of the prescribed remedy in 24 hours, with a follow-up appointment scheduled after 2 weeks. Mom agreed to phone me as needed in the meantime.

When the correct remedy is given, children tend to improve pretty quickly. This turned out to be the case with Peter. When we saw each other again, mom was very relieved after things had shifted quite a bit during the last two weeks. It was a whole lot easier to take Peter out to the store. He was still anxious, but would walk next to mom holding her hand. He had not cried and screamed while at the store for the past 10 days. As long as he was holding on to her he seemed ok. This was a tremendous improvement for mom, and she was feeling very hopeful and happy for her little boy as well as for herself.

Peter was doing well and I decided not to repeat the remedy at this time. With homeopathy, “less is more”, as long as the remedy is working, we tend to leave it to run it’s healing course, until re-dosing is clearly needed.

During our next appointment 3 weeks later, the improvements were amazing. Peter, who had been shyly sitting on mom’s lap while in my office, was walking in without holding on to mom, and playing contently with a puzzle while I was talking with mom. In all, Peter seemed calmer and more confident. Mom could tell me of great changes in Peters behavior. No anxiety attacks, no hysterical crying spells, and no vomiting. He was much calmer; a normal 4 year old, not tormented by fear and anxiety. This is the type of freedom homeopathy can provide to people of any age struggling with anxiety, panic attacks, depression, or other mentally and emotionally debilitating health issues.


I see people of all ages in my practice. Young and old, male and female, struggling with anxiety, depression, PTSD, OCD, SAD and various mood disorders.

Try it and feel for yourself!


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