Homeopathic remedies for baby colic


Homeopathic remedies will provides fast relief for your little one. Priceless for exhausted parents!

The homeopathic remedies listed in the chart below are available at most health food stores. Remedies can also be ordered directly from homeopathic pharmacies.


Chamomille Infant is very irritable and wants to be carried (want to be carried fast). Abdomen and stomach bloated. Very distressed after nursing (feeding). Stomach distended from gas. Stools may be green and smell of rotten eggs. Want something one minute, throwing it away next minute. Very demanding. If you baby is teething and this description fits, try this remedy first
Colocynthis Baby clenches fists and pulls legs tightly to chest. Baby is visibly angry, screaming and in great distress. Child writhes from pain in every direction. Baby is relieved by firm pressure against your knee or over the shoulder
Dioscorea Much rumbling of the tummy. Lot of wind. Colic in babies who arch their back (bending backwards) and scream with pain. They want to be held upright. Do not want to lie down.
Lycopodium Use this medicine if your baby is worse between 4-8pm and sometimes also at 2am. Flatulence and gurgling tummy with bloating may also be present. Your baby will be better lying on the right side.
Magnesium Carbonicum Much colic, which is finally relieved by a green, liquid stool. This occurs many times a day and night.
Magnesium Muriatica Colic with constipation after drinking cow’s milk. Stools may be green or more commonly are small and knotty and passed with difficulty, with a lot of straining.
Nux Vomica Colic with constipation. Nursing infant reacting to mothers milk when mom eats a diet consisting of rich and spicy food. Baby cries much, draws its legs up and kicks them out again, or arches backward. If your baby’s tummy appears tight and there are seemingly spasms of pain with constipation as well, give this medicine.


An attack of colic at early morning. Severe colic, causing an absolute retraction of abdominal muscles.


Homeopathic remedies are perfectly safe for your little one. The remedies are natural and gentle without any side effects to worry about.

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You can safely give the best matching remedy in 30c potency every 15-20 minutes for up to 5 doses. As soon as the symptoms improve, stop. Start again if symptoms return. If the chosen remedy is not working at all after 3 doses, try another well matching remedy in the same way.

The remedies listed in the chart are some of the more commonly needed remedies in baby colic. Other remedies not listed here may be needed based on your child’s specific symptoms.

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