Fight depression with homeopathy!

Are you looking for a natural way to deal with depression?

A well chosen homeopathic remedy – one that matches the symptoms of the patient well, can bring lasting improvements to patients with depression – and do so SAFELY and with ZERO side effects.

A 2013 double-blind study of patients by Adler, et al and published in “Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine” found individualized homeopathic prescriptions to be as effective in treating patients with depression as 20mg Prozac…”

Can depression be cured?

The conventional medical approach to treating depression is quite opposite to the holistic approach of homeopathy. Conventional drugs are used to control and suppress symptoms while homeopathic remedies work on a deeper level to remove symptoms and restore the person back to health with no further need for medication, conventional or other. Homeopathy can be used alongside conventional drugs, and often help the person reduce or come off their antidepressants completely. This varies in each individual case and must always be done under the supervision of your physician and homeopath.


  • Conventional approach to illness: The illness is often controlled through regular use of medical substances. If the medication is removed, the person returns to illness. In other words, there is no permanent cure; the illness is simply kept under control. Antidepressants come with a wide range of potentially dangerous side effects, as well as the risk of dependency.


  • Homeopathic approach: Homeopathy is based on a “whole person” approach. In homeopathy, the remedy or treatment program is customized and individualized to the patient, with the intent of removing the underlying cause. A homeopathic remedy encourages the body to heal the imbalance that caused the symptoms you are experiencing, be it mental, emotional or physical (or all of the above). The homeopath select remedies according to a total picture of the patient, including not only symptoms, but lifestyle, emotional and mental states, as well as other factors that can impact a person’s health.

Depression resolved with homeopathy:

Jim 44 – Grief and Depression.

Jim came to see me close to two years after he lost his wife Maria to cancer. The couples two kids were 8 and 13 years old at he time their mother passed away. The cancer was an aggressive form, and it took only 7 months from it was discovered until Maria passed away. Since then, Jim’s focus has been on comforting and supporting his two kids, taking on the role as both mom and dad, and putting on a “brave face”, suppressing his own grief and tremendous loss. He has been so concerned about not showing his kids how sad, depressed and lost he feels without his wife by his side. The tremendous grief he is carrying every day is overwhelming, and he feels it would be too much of a burden to the kids if he expressed how he feels, so he has kept it to himself for all this time.

The homeopathic remedy Ignatia is often used in cases of grief, depression and anxiety where the person has experienced a major loss. The remedy is only given when it matches the patient’s whole symptom picture, which it did in Jim’s case.

A few doses of Ignatia over a period of just a few weeks helped Jim tremendously. The constant heavy and tight feeling in his throat and chest area left, he was able to sleep better, and most importantly, he felt more relaxed and comfortable sharing his feelings with his kids. “I still miss my wife every day, but now it feels I can somehow go on, and allow myself to look forward to each new day with the children”.

Linda 51 – Depression during menopause.

Linda had been feeling depressed and angry for the past three years when she contacted me for homeopathic treatment to address these issues, as well as other symptoms associated with menopause, such as hot flashes and restless sleep.

Linda’s mood shifts between feeling really low and depressed with little or no interest in being around others, to being short tempered with angry outburst towards her family. She has severe hot flashes throughout the day and during the night, preventing her from getting a good nights sleep. Linda describes a lack of energy and feeling completely drained most of the time; like a dark cloud. She used to be a very active, social and even tempered person before menopause, but know feels either dark and heavy, or very irritable and angry towards her close family, Everything bothers her and she feels that she has to restrain herself from not bursting out in anger.

I gave Linda the homeopathic remedy Sepia to take daily during the first two weeks after her first appointment with me. After much improvement, the same remedy was continued in a different potency and taken about once a month over a period of 6 months. All the symptoms improved; mood stabilized, sleep improved and hot flashes much reduced. Linda continued to take Sepia as needed for a total period of one year with no further need after that time.


Homeopathy for depression and anxiety is considered very effective; however, it is always best to consult a professional homeopath for the correct homeopathic remedy tailored to your specific symptoms.


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