Fear of flying? 4 homeopathic remedies to help calm those nerves

Homeopathy for fear of flying

These remedies can help if you or your child feel anxious and fearful before or during a flight.

For chronic fear and anxiety, you may need a different remedy to help resolve a deeper issue. This is where I can be of help. Treating chronic anxiety is where a professional homeopath is needed, not something you should attempt to treat yourself.



Great fear of impending death. Terrified of dying. Very uncomfortable in crowds. Sudden, shock like feeling about the flight. Great anxiety, restlessness and impatience. Rapid heartbeat. Violent palpitations. Profuse sweating. Pale face. Any delay aggravate their anxiety.


Argentum nitricum

Anticipatory anxiety and apprehension that can begin days before the flight. Fear of heights and of being trapped in a closed space. Worried about making the flight on time. Impulse to jump off the plane, get out. Will want to chose the aisle seat so they can get out. Frequent bathroom runs with anxiety, bowel movements, urination.


Arsenicum album

Fastidious person. Always planning and having everything in neat order. Tremendous pre-flight anxiety. Feel very restless and anxious, which is made worse if they are left alone. Fear of dying in plane crash. Extreme worry about health. Cold sweat, may faint from fear.


Calcarea carbonica

Anxiety about safety and natural disasters in general. Fear of flying, fear of heights, claustrophobia. Many issues around security/insecurity and responsibility. They worry not only for themselves, but feel responsible for the safety of their travel companions as well.




Take one dose (2-3 pellets) of the 30c potency every 15 minutes for 3 doses. If the person does not feel calmer after three doses, try a different remedy with same dosing frequency. If the symptoms start days ahead of the flight, give one dose daily, and more frequent dosing the day of the flight.