Calming Exam Nerves with Homeopathy

Feeling nervous before an exam is perfectly normal. If however, the nervousness is excessive and clouds your mind, makes you feel jittery, sick to your stomach, or any other symptoms that may keep you from doing your best, there are a few homeopathic remedies that can help you feel more calm and focused.


Argentum nitricum

Indications: Anticipatory anxiety and feeling as if time passes too slowly, mind racing hundred miles an hour. Feeling very hurried and restless. Trembling of hands and feet. Heart palpitations, excessive sweating, dizzy, brain fag. Frequently runs to the bathroom, often diarrhea with nervousness.



Indications: Sense of panic and tremendous fear that can feel like a life or death situation . Comes on suddenly and very intense. Person often feels chilly and can have intense heart palpitations. Think shock like feeling.


Cocculus indicus

Indications: Often used when the person feels tired, exhausted and weak from too much studying and little sleep. Confusion, slowness, and brain fag. Difficult concentrating. Can feel drunk, can feel nauseous and dizzy. Find it really difficult to remember what they have just read.



Indications: Anticipatory anxiety which causes the person to feel paralyzed with fear, dizzy and very weak. They feel heavy in limbs, and eyes can feel heavy and droopy.




I suggest using the 30c potency and take 1-3 pellets the night before, and the morning of the exam. If the exam is later in the day, you may want to take another dose of the indicated remedy an hour before the exam. Put the pellet(s) under your tongue a let it dissolve. You can also take a couple of pellets and add to a water bottle. Sip as needed during exam. Give the bottle a couple of shakes before each sip.


Homeopathy can be very helpful when the right remedy is matched to the persons symptoms.  There are other homeopathic remedies that are indicated for stress and anxiety before and during exams. If you need help selecting the right remedy for you, please book in for an online consultation with me here .


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