5 homeopathic remedies for overindulgence and hangovers

I’m the first to admit to overindulging during the holidays. Yes, I am guilty of reaching for that 2nd., and sometimes 3rd. serving of scrumptious stuffing, apple pie and other delicacies. If you are equipped with the ability to moderate yourself and stop the food and drink intake when your stomach tells you, “hey, I’m good!”, well, good for you! If you find yourself suffering with the post-feast blues manifesting as stomach upsets, bloating, gassiness, belching, heartburn, headaches, nausea, hangovers and more, then take heart!


There is relief to be found with some tried and trusted homeopathic remedies.


Nux Vomica 30c 

Nux vomica is a must have on hand remedy during the festive season as the most frequently used remedy for overindulgence and hangovers. It’s a great remedy after excess of food and drinks with heartburn, gassiness, abdominal cramping, nausea and vomiting. “If I could only vomit, I would feel better” . The person needing Nux vomica is often very irritable with the symptoms and might describe the food feeling like “a rock” in the stomach. They often feel better for lying down and applying heat to the affected area. Remember Nux vomica for hangovers. Key word “irritability”

Sulphur 30c

Diarrhea in the early morning after overindulgence of food. They can have a ravenous appetite and a strong desire for sweets and desserts. The person needing Sulphur always feel very hot all over the body. Burning in stomach, burning headache. Every symptom is associated with heat and they desire a cold room and cold drinks. The smell of stool and perspiration  often sour and very offensive. Keyword “heat”.

Lycopodium 30c

Those needing Lycopodium are generally quite sensitive to foods such as onions and cabbage, and they love sweets. They suffer with a bloated, rumbly, and gassy stomach, especially in the late afternoon and early evening. They feel better for loosening their belts or tight clothing. The Lycopodium person feels full after eating only small amounts, but their appetite continues to increase even though they feel full. Keyword: “gas”.

Pulsatilla 30c

A remedy often needed for those who get stomach pains and heartburn from eating fatty foods. They are clingy and in need of lots of sympathy and attention when not feeling well. They tend to have a strong desire for ice cream, butter, cream and cheese which may lead to indigestion, bloating and nausea. Indigestion from any rich and fatty foods are commonly seen. Pulsatilla often have an aversion to or feel worse in a warm, stuffy room and better in the fresh air. They are generally not thirsty. Keyword: “emotional”.

Arsenicum Album 30c

Arsenicum is useful where digestive symptoms involve burning pains, a desire for small sips of water and feelings of overall chilliness. Those needing this remedy often feel quite anxious. Symptoms of indigestion indicated for arsenicum are often worse from midnight. Keyword: “burning”.




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