3 Homeopathic Remedies for Social Anxiety.

Social anxiety is one of the most common anxiety disorders, and one I frequently help children and adults with in my practice. Social anxiety disorder can severely interfere with the persons normal daily routine, including school, work, and social activities. Each person presenting with social anxiety may require different remedies, as there will be different ways of reacting and coping. This is where I can help!


Homeopathy is a powerful, yet natural, harmless and gentle approach to recover from social anxiety in people of all ages.


There are more than 500 different homeopathic remedies that can help with anxiety. The remedy is always chosen based on the the details in your particular case. For chronic anxiety it’s important to see a professional homeopath for the right prescription for you or for your child.


The following remedies are examples that may be indicated for social anxiety. Please, do get in touch with me for help in finding the correct remedy for you.



For social anxiety with panic attacks. The person suffers from severe palpitations, nervousness, trembling, fear and restless behavior when they have to appear socially. They are terrified of, and will do anything to avoid crowded places.

Ambra Grisea

Social anxiety with intense fear, and excessive feeling of embarrassment when they have to perform in front of others. Doing any sort of activity in front of others feels utterly frightening. They blush, tremble, feel rushed and nervous. The person needing Ambr. gris finds the idea of using a public restroom extremely embarrassing, and will do anything to avoid this.

Calcarea Carbonica

Very mild, cautious, shy, very dependable with low self confidence. Nervousness with palpitations and  perspiration, often on the head and upper body. Perspiring but will feel chilly.


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